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The History Of Ben Frank's on Sunset Strip

"Maybe if I pass my driving test I could get a gig drivin' that bus that pick the freaks up in front of Ben Frank's, right? - “Lyrics from “Help, I’m a Rock”  Frank Zappa & the Mothers Of Invention   "Ben Frank's" once located at 8585 Sunset Strip was centrally located between Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Its legacy remains one of the most famous coffee shops in history. T his iconic diner was a hangout for rockers during the 1960s and 1970s after late night gigs. It was also the headquarters for young youth culture during the  Sunset Strip Riots.  One may even have been lucky enough to hob-nob with music luminaries such as Frank Zappa,  Bob Dylan, or Jim Morrison.  Photo: Charles Phoenix Collection I’ve been studying it's history for decades, and I’ve recently learned something that has come to my attention. But, before I reveal it, let’s take a trip back to one of the most beloved coffee shops in American history.  According to Wikipedia "Ben

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