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WESTWOOD VILLAGE Remember when Westwood Village was so crowed on weekends, they had to close off cars from entering to handle the overflow?  It was a SCENE!  Some of my favorite spots were Postermat, Westworld Arcade, Wherehouse Records, Insanity, Dillon’s, Alice’s Restaurant, Stratton's, Ship’s, Mario's, Stan's Donuts & Tower Records. The street fair and patio alcove was a weekend ritual. They sold everything from crystals to incense. And can you believe we actually went to see MOVIES in Westwood? Lines around the block. And let’s not forget about Bullock’s Department Store for back to school clothes and all the Hare Krishna’s!   A business card from POSTERMAT WESTWORLD ARCADE I spent more time there than school..waaayyy more time.  One of my favorite places as a kid.  Tempest and Galaga took all my change.  WHEREHOUSE RECORDS Dillon's Nightclub ALICE'S RESTAURANT SHIPS COFFEE SHOP I loved going to Mario’s Italian Restaurant before seeing a film.   TOWER RECORD

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