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  Peek Inside L.A.’s Forgotten College of Striptease   ALISON MARTINO   DECEMBER 30, 2017   HOLLYWOOD The Pink Pussycat in 1967 “Fundamentals of Taking It Off.” “Psychology of Inhibitions.” “Applied Sensual Communication.” The courses I recently spotted on a student application from the 1960s could only have been taught at one place: the Pink Pussycat College of Striptease in Los Angeles. The “school,” which opened in 1961, was held at the Pink Pussycat Club, the city’s most unique burlesque theater for nearly 20 years.               Photograph Vintage Los Angeles Archives Harry and Alice Schiller owned the fuschia-stained joint. At night it operated like a typical strip club; dancers with clever stage names such as Fran Sinatra, Samya Davis Jr., Deena Martin, Peeler Lawford, Joanie Carson, Edie McMahon, Joie Bishop, and Reegie Philbin put on glittering shows for a packed crowd—which often included members of the Rat Pack.  Pink Pussycat owner Alice Schiller and her dancers in 1963 The

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