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Ah Fong's

Ah Fong's was a weekly ritual for my family growing up.  We would frequent the  Beverly Drive location between Nate n' Al's and Toy Mart. It had a deep, long staircase, and as little girl my parents walked me down those steep steps. My dad used to tell me we were actually walking down to China, and I believed him!   It was my  first taste of Chinese food and where I first learned to use chopsticks.      424  Beverly Drive Ah Fong's had a mysterious vibe with its deep, dark, jade color interiors and dimly lit. The Sunset Blvd location did a lot of take-out to residents of Laurel Canyon, a nd  it's where Lenny Bruce and his wife Honey used to have their late Sunday night dinners.  Errol Flynn often dined in the kitchen with the main chef. The Hollywood location stayed open until 3 am to accommodate those who worked long hours in the film industry and entertainment business. That made  Ah Fong's extremely popular with the Hollywood crowd. It was frequently mentione

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