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History of 8004 Sunset Blvd

Photo Ed Ruscha, 1973 HISTORY OF 8004 SUNSET STRIP   This little stretch of property located at 8004 Sunset Strip includes the corner of Palm Drive and Holloway. In 1932 it was a hair salon that specialized in finger waves for 75 cents.  Los Angeles Evening Citizen News, July 21, 1932 During the mid 1930s and mid 1940s, this property had three club incarnations just across the way from Simon's Drive in: It was originally CLUB BALI from 1935 until 1941 owned by  Ickie Outhwaite which was fined and raided for providing illegal gambling and slot machines.  Then it became CLUB SOCIETY  (which was forced to close after getting caught serving liquor after 2am) and finally The THREE STAR CLUB.  The Society Club located at 8004 Sunset Blvd, 1930s There was also a popular voice studio in the same structure from 1934 until 1947 owned by Major Herbert Hall.  -= Inside Cafe Society at 8004 Sunset Blvd. before a police raid in 1941. Photo: Simon's Drive-In was located across the wa

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