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Owl Rexall Drugs

  Owl Rexall Drug  store opened its headquarters and flagship store in 1947 at the corner of Beverly Blvd and La Cienega. President,  Justin W. Dart, originally from Chicago, liked the climate in Southern California and decided to open a chain of Owl Santog Rexall  stores. The particular location was the largest in So Cal. Its  ultramodern 'curved' design was originally attached to the new world headquarters for United-Rexall Drug Inc. The structure is still there today.., kinda. It's now a quarter of the size. But, at the time it was considered the most glamorous pharmacy in the world which included cosmetic displays, a food counter, a separate liquor & cigar section, a candy section, and tall wooden phone booths. High end glamour at its peak.  Here's a rare photo of the intersection at Beverly and La   Cienega  just before  construction.    Even with Dart’s drive and Rexall’s resources, it took time to get   the needed materials for such a magnificent venture in

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