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8428 Sunset Strip

Fascinated by this photo located at 8428 Sunset Strip during the mid 60s. Notice how the building looks like a small castle. I believe this property was built as a home in 1929 and was owned by A. J. Sayre. In 1930 it became a club called the “Cortez Club”, owned by Homer "Slim" Gordon, a compulsive gambler. In 1933 it became a speakeasy called “Club Seville”, it was raided after the comedy team of Wheeler and Whoolsey. In 1933 Spencer Tracey was arrested for drunkenness after attempting to back his car out of the parking area. In 1935 it was “The El Rey Club” and later the “Russian Eagle Supper Club”.  Seems like the pattern continued of changing hands somewhat frequently. It’s also rumored this property was owned by John Barrymore. In 1965 it became a cabaret for teenagers called “Stratford On Sunset” owned by Jerry Lambert which only lasted a year.  It most likely commanded the best view of Los Angeles. It’s possible the property may have been abandoned when this was taken

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