Growing up in Los Angeles during the 1970's & 1980's

When this photo of me standing in our driveway in BH was taken during the 1970s, we still had JJ Newberry, Food King and a local Home Silk Shop. Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly would say hello to you waiting in line at the post office. You'd pass by Edward G Robinson walking his dogs, and Doris Day riding her bike. Freight Trains were still plowing down Santa Monica Blvd with the smell of fresh Wonder Bread on board and Helms Bakery Trucks brought milk to our door steps. Robinson's, Bonwit Teller, The Broadway, Bullock's, and The May Co. were the high-end stores of the day, and Rodeo Drive was not yet a tourist trap. We instead had reasonably priced boutiques and 'mom and pop' shops where everyone knew your first name. 

I believe this 70s ensemble came from Toby's on Beverly Drive. (My mother recalls seeing Natalie Wood there). We had neighborhood joints and local restaurants like Tony Roma's, R.J's, Ah Fong's, Wil Wright's, La Scala Boutique, and Scandia, and bohemian lunch destinations such as Cafe Figaro, The Melting Pot, The Old World, Alfie's and The Source. Tiki-themed restaurants like the Luau and The Islander were the current craze, known for their flaming drinks and moats surrounding their properties. Orange Julius and Fotomats seemed to be on every corner. Banks didn't have underground parking, and you never had to get a ticket validated. There were no answering machines and no texting. We only had telephone booths and landlines. 

Westwood was still a destination, and you could only play video games in the arcades. We waited in long lines to see summer blockbusters at the ABC Entertainment Center and Mann National. The only place you could hear the most current songs was on the radio, and we could name every disc jockey who played them. American Graffiti, Dark Side Of the Moon and Kojak had just been released, Columbo and Jim Rockford were our favorite detectives and Johnny Carson ruled late night and the movie-of-the-week was a big family event. 

Tower Records was our second home and dozens of LPs, cassette tapes, and 8 tracks were pilled up in our bedroom. (The first 45 my mother ever bought for me was Sing by the Carpenters). Our Zenith TV's were controlled by ONE remote: the clicker - also known as the Space Command.  Our old library looked like a row of colorful books made of mid century mosaic glass, rather then Faux Tuscan stucco. Our parents bought our toys at Toy-Mart, our clothes at Pixie Town, our footwear at Standard Shoes (and played in a giant boot), while they organized our birthday parties at Farrell's and Genie Land. We took cotillion classes and the Daisy and tap dancing at Al Gilbert Studios. We rode amusement park rides and ponies where the Beverly Center is located today, ate hotdogs at a stand in the shape of a hot dog, and roller skated at Fiorucci, Pan Pacific Park and Flippers Roller Disco. 

Our moms lunched at Bullock's tea room, and they still called them beauty parlors - not salons. My dad wore a lot of suede and oversized glasses and mom shopped at Lanz for flower-power dresses. This was also a time when the Century City Mall had a Clifton's Cafeteria, and a Bob's Big Boy, as well as Heaven, Jospeh Magnin (near the jelly belly cart) and a singing flower man across from Judy's. Houses weren't torn down for McMansions, Kids still rode their big wheels and Trans Ams and Pontiacs were the coolest cars on the road. It was still a village, and it wasn't yet famous for its zip code. 

We would see Dean Martin at Hamburger Hamlet, Frank Sinatra at Matteo's, and Jimmy Stewart at Chasen's. Our home was filled with shag carpeting, fake ferns, flocked wallpaper, blue velvet couches, Spanish tables, swivel chairs, and avocado colored appliances. We went to Baskin-Robbins, ordered pizza from Jacopo's, ate cookies at Famous Amos, and hadn't yet abbreviated the House Of Pancakes to IHOP.  And to this day, I refuse to call Rite Aid, "Thrifty!" That's where I used to see Milton Berle in the aisles, and Jack Lemmon ordering double scoops of rocky road. Lucille Ball, Jack Benny, Peter Falk, Rosemary Clooney, and Agnes Moorehead were still very much alive, and living a few blocks over on Roxbury Drive. Simpler times with WIDE open spaces. Big enough to park this monster car from Casa de Cadillac! 

These are just some of the reasons I created Vintage Los Angeles

Photo Gallery
 With my dad and mom in 1975 in our backyard. (Al and Judi Martino)

Beverly Hills Circa 1975. I grew up just around the corner of this intersection. The Beverly Hills Hotel can be seen across the street. That's about the only thing that remains the same of all the following photos

J.J.Newberry's on Beverly Drive in BH. Remember they sold parakeets and goldfish? And how about those soda counters? This is where my mom purchased my Halloween costumes. 

Freight Trains plowing down Santa Monica Blvd during the 1970s. The smell of fresh Wonder-bread was one of the greatest things about living in Los Angeles during the 1970s and 80s

The Beverly Hill train tracks that carried Wonder Bread

  Wilshire and San Vicente in Beverly Hills, 1970s 

Robinson's Department Store demolished in 2014 (weep)

The Broadway Department Store in Century City. For some reason my father always called CC mall, the Broadway :)

Bullock's Westwood, shortly after opening in 1951. Stretching down Le Conte and Weyburn Ave, the Welton Becket building replaced a smaller Bullock's store on Weyburn which opened in 1931. Bullock's Westwood closed in 1998 and today the exterior looks much the same, but the interior became a multi-tenant space that includes a Ralphs, Target, and the UCLA Child Care Center.

May, 1970: Looking towards May Co. from a northbound car on Fairfax Ave. at Wilshire Blvd. On the right side is Ohrbachs dept. store, which opened in 1964 and closed in 1986

Tony Roma's in Beverly Hills. My parents used to go here with Morey Amsterdam, Jerry Vale and Tony Roma himself

Ah Fong's in Beverly Hills. Dad used to tell me we were taking the stairs down to China. Of course I believed him. 

Wil Wright's on South Beverly Drive. Later Hagan Daaz would move in

La Scala Boutique on the corner of Little Santa Monica Blvd and Beverly Drive. A favorite of Natalie Wood and Suzanne Pleshette. 

Scandia at Sunset and Doheny. The structure was sadly demolished in 2015 to make way for a new Marriott Hotel. 

Chasen's on Beverly Blvd. Today this is a Bristol Farms market

Cafe Figaro on Melrose Ave

The Melting Pot at the corner of Melrose and La Cienega 

The Old World Restaurant at Holloway and Sunset Strip. Miraculously this structure still stands and is currently a bar / restaurant called THE STATE

Sunset Strip, 1979. Photo Robert Landau

Alfie's on the strip - later became Mirabelle...

The Old World on Sunset Strip

The Source on Sunset Strip. Today its a restaurant Cabano Cantina. The Source has also been preserved on celluloid in "Annie Hall". There is also a fascinating documentary on Netflix about the Source called "Source Family".  The Source is where I first ever had avocado on a sandwich. 

My father's Sunset Strip billboard advertising his role as Johnny Fontane in The Godfather was directly next to the Source in 1972

The Luau on Rodeo Drive. Owned by Lana Turner husband, Steve Crane. They also had a gift shop and a bridge surrounded by a moat. It was tragically demolished for a complex called The Rodeo Collection in the early 80s that never took off. 

My very first birthday was at the Luau - snapshot taken by my mother Judi

The Islander on La Cienega. Today this once unique stretch of La Cienega has been replaced with sterile looking apartment buildings

Fotomat. The drive-through film-developing kiosks began in the 1960's in Point Loma, Ca. At its peak in 1980 there were 4,000+ Fotomats. Some of them still stands today and have been repurposed into other businesses 

Westwood Village during the 1970s

Westworld Arcade in Westwood 

Captains Videos

Close-up of the entrance to the ABC Entertainment Center with a view of the Shubert Theatre (left), which was later demolished in 2002, in Century City. / photo by Michael Haering.

The Mann National Theatre in Westwood Village opened on March 27, 1970. Its 1970s futuristic exterior belied a large upstairs lobby with large space age chandeliers and an enormous orange-colored auditorium 

The Mann National closed on April 19, 2007 and was demolished in January 2008. The empty dirt lot is still vacant and extremely depressing to walk by

Architect: Harold Levitt 

Tower Records on Sunset Strip  - Photo by Robert Landau

  John Lennon commercial for Tower Records

                  Elton John shopping at Tower Records in the early 1970s

                                                         KHJ 1970s

                           Dark Side Of the Moon by Pink Floyd (full album)

                                                 Movie of the week bumpers


James Garner as Jim Rockford The Rockford Files. My mother never missed an episode. 

"and another thing...." Peter Falk in Columbo. My dad never missed an episode. 

Johnny Carson on set in 1974

The first single my mother ever purchased for me was SING by the Carpenters and I still have it. 

I also still have our family 'clicker' from our Zenith TV!

The Beverly Hills Library during the 1970s. It was supposed to look like a row of books. Exterior shots of this library was also used as Mike Brady's office in the Brady Bunch. 

Pixietown clothing store for kids

Standard Shoes on La Cienega 1970s

A rare photo of the giant boot us kids played inside of at Standard Shoes

Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor

My birthday party at Genie Land. A magical place that was used for children's birthday parties in the San Fernando Valley

My photo taken and old program from Al Gilbert Dance Studio on La Cienega

Fiorucci in Beverly Hills located in the former Beverly Theater

Pan Pacific Auditorium. Also seen in the movie Xanadu. A popular skating destination. Sadly it burned to the ground in the late 1980s

    Flippers Roller Disco on La Cienega during the 1970s. (today CVS)

Me at Flippers on by 9th birthday. 

My dad in clothing from Sy Devore clothing and over sized 70 shades. 

My mother decked out in a two piece Flower Power ensemble. circa 1971 purchased at Lanz 

Our living room on Rexford drive. Blue velvet couches, swivel chairs, shag carpeting, built in entertainment center and fake ferns! So 70s!

Imagine a gigantic ferris wheel in the heart of LA. Well here's proof of one that existed on La Cienega. Even though the place was really called "Beverly Park", we kids just called it "Kiddy Land". Sadly it shut down in 1974. The Beverly Center now sits on Beverly Park soil...

This was Beverly Park in 1970 taken from the Rexall Parking lot at La Cienega and Beverly Blvd - where the Beverly Center now stands. Smokey Joes Cafe on the bottom right had just suffered a fire in this photo and apparently Bobby Darin is getting ready to headline the Hilton in Vegas!

Ralph Story's THINGS THAT USED TO BE HERE. (Before the Beverly Center)

Beverly Park on Beverly Blvd between La Cienega and San Vincente. Today this is the Beverly Center. Photo courtesy of Jay Jennings (check out his book: BEVERLY PARK: L.A.'s Kiddieland, 1943-74

Next door to Beverly Park was Ponyland 

Tail O' the Pup once located across from Beverly Park at La Cienega and Beverly Blvd. 
Bullock's Wilshire Tea Room circa 1977

Me at Bullock's on my 6th birthday

Clifton's Cafeteria once located in Century City

Joe Richards "The Singing Flower Man" at Century City

The Jelly Bellies cart at Century City in 1973! It was directly across from the "singing flower man!"

Judy's located at Century City

Joseph Magnin, Century City, 1970s

Heaven business card from Century City

Dean Martin photo-bombed at the Hamburger Hamlet

Hamburger Hamlet on Sunset Strip. I took this photo on closing night in 2011

Matteo's in Westwood. Frank Sinatra's table was all the way back on the right

Jimmy Stewart and his wife Gloria, with Peter Bogdanovich and Cybill Shepherd at Chasen’s in 1972. (Now a Bristol Farms)

Another image from the wonderful world that existed before smart phones occupied the dinner table and when people actually looked directly at each other instead of looking down and texting. Men were also required to wear a jacket and
 tie at Chasen’s.

Jacopo's 1978....see the railroad track on the left? My dad almost purchased Jacobo's, but sadly a friend of his talked him out of it. I often think if it would still be in business if he had went through with it. 

Famous Amos Cookies on Sunset Blvd

International House of Pancakes located on Santa Monica Blvd. STILL THERE TODAY!

Thrifty in Beverly Hills

Our Beverly Hills Thrifty location even made an appearance the Albert Brooks movie, "Modern Romance"

Just last year I ran into Charo in the isles! You'll ALWAYS see a celebrity at the old 
Thrifty. Now Rite Aid. 

Alison Martino is a writer, television producer, and pop culture historian. She founded the Facebook page Vintage Los Angeles in 2010. Alison muses on L.A’s. past and present on Twitter and Instagram


  1. Thanks for bring me back in time and sharing your pics and history.

  2. I remember kiddy land! I miss it!

  3. Wow...quite a trip down memory lane for me. Thanks!

  4. I grew up om the other side of the tracks in LA but seeing these pics brings back the same sweet times.

  5. Great photos... must've been a great time to live in LA.

  6. What a collection! And, so many memories...loved the John Lennon commercial for Tower Records! Sad that so many places have been torn down. I can see how the name of a business and the specific business in a building can change over time, but when buildings are torn down it is a pity and a loss of a city's historical richness.

  7. I was surprised at how many of those 93KHJ jingles I remembered.

  8. this is fantastic - brought up so many great memories of our hometown. We were lucky to grow up there/then, weren't we!

  9. Love the old photos. Moved to L.A. in 1982, and a lot of what's in your photos was still there then. Wish you'd break up the text into paragraphs, though - I really want to read it, but it's hard to read as a block.

  10. Great stuff, Alison!

    Columbo was LAPD, not a PI. ;-)

  11. Great collection of photos. Thanks for posting them.

  12. As a teenager I would go shopping in Beverly Hills with my aunt, then Hamburger Hamlet for French Onion Soup.

  13. I grew up in Mar Vista in the 70s...
    I do remember quite a bit if that.
    Thanks for the walk dow memory lane.
    Lovef it

  14. Thanks for sharing your youth. It was a magical time that will never be again. It wonderful you have it documented so well.

  15. My first job was at Beverly Park. The Haunted Castle was great!

  16. Thanks for the memories. Helms however delivered bread, jelly donuts, etc and milk came from Adohr Farms which had cows on LA McDonald's and Ross

    1. Great to see these pictures. Always loved eating fantastic omlettes at the Melting Pot. The Hamlet on Sunset was a favorite also. Just wanted to say thank you for a great trip back to much more fun times !!

  17. I grew up in WLA...UniHi '69 grad...remember Century City being built...such great memories of all the scenes in this link...thank you for the memories of such happy simpler times...BTW I thought your Dad was a great artist and loved his voice.

  18. Wow! Just awesome! Even though I have never been to California, I have always had an affinity for it. Unfortunately, stuff getting torn down, our childhood memories, are happening everywhere. That's why it's important to document places, and a keep a good memory on details, so you can tell the story to everyone! You put alot of your heart and soul into this article.

  19. Thank you for all the memories. My father only shopped at Sy Devore...getting matching clothes, shoes there. Spent hours while he got fitted. So many places and sad so many are not here anymore.

  20. Does anyone remember the restaurant called "The Cock and Bull" in Beverly Hills? I had my Sweet Sixteen party there in 1975. I think it was on La Cienega but can't recall. It was a gorgeous place...

    1. The Cockpit and Bull was on Sunset, corner of Cory Dr. My favorite restaurant. ..I grew up on Doheny Drive. We'd walk down often. It's now a Jaguar dealership.

    2. I loved the Cock & Bull's carrot salad!

  21. this is fantastic and completely captures my childhood! I, too, grew up in LA off Sunset and Bellagio Rd. Born in '69, the '70's & early '80's were magical and Vintage LA was a great place to grow up. thank you for reminding me how awesome LA used to be and for a trip down memory lane...

  22. What great memories! The smell at night of Wonder Bread baking...spending hours at Tower Records...and hundreds of meals at Cafe Figaro's, so sad none of it is here anymore.

    1. Yeah, remember that really cheesy French onion soup they had at Figaro's? Our first experience of quasi-European food in a hippie ambience. Also there was the crepe place, the Magic Pan.

  23. Alison, this IS my childhood from when we moved to Beverly Hills in '69 to '82 when I moved away to college. From the singing Flower Man to the giant shoe to Fiorucci to you name it, I remember it all! I even had my own running-into-Charo experience at Smith's Food King when I was a kid. Agnes Moorhead once ran out in her full-length mink to sweetly apologize that she didn't have Halloween candy to give us. We used to go to Ah Fong's as a family where my parents would chat with Benson Fong in our subterranean naugahyde booth. Also once saw Cary Grant, the original silver fox, on Rodeo Drive, where we used to take after-dinner walks as a family. Thanks for the memories!!

  24. Allison, is your mother still alive?....I enjoyed seeing your pictures. :)

  25. Thank You, Allison <3 They were WONDERFUL TIMES <3

  26. I remember seeing Dean Martin at the Hamlet, and he looked about the same as in the pic you posted, probably i was there within a few mos of that being taken, great story and pics

  27. Jimmy Stewart used to sit next to my grandparents in church sans-serif toupee and with thick glasses, he was the nicest man to me. Boy, did you bring back memories to this kid born in Hollywood and raised in the Valley


  29. Wow, some of those photos and memories are so powerful. When I had a boutique in Beverly Hills '74 to '78 I lived on Oakhurst near the Wonder Bread factory. There was a little exercise/diet place nearby (Civic Center Drive and North Palm) that served food and had this wacky owner, Richard Simmons. My girlfriend worked at North Beach Leather on Sunset where all the rockers bought their clothes and had sex in the changing rooms. There was also this nice black guy, Amos, that used to bring us chocolate cookie samples to the store. Said he would be Famous one day. Spent many nights at Pips and some huge gay disco at Robertson and Melrose (name?). I remember wild parties at Jimmy Goldsmith's who had a bar under a transparent swimming pool. Finally married Eddie Fisher's Norwegian ex-girlfriend and hung out with friends who worked as pages on the Johnny Carson show (oh the stories!). We loved Cafe Figaro! Can still smell the place and feel those greasy paper menus. Remember meeting John Derek who had just married this beautiful young girl named Cathleen of whom he was taking photos and forcing her to not eat and do more exercise. She was renamed Bo later. Lots of qualudes, lots of poppers, lots of pot, lots of sex. History is a little hazy but your photos help bring it all back. Thanks!

    1. Wow you have some pretty amazing memories of your own!

  30. Thank you for these. Grew up in BH, worked at The Bijou in Century City in high school .. hung out in Westwood.. it's such a treat to see these! Especially now that so much of it all has transformed or is completely gone. I wish there were photos of Tot Toggery from CC that had the dressing room shaped like a tree. Or House of Pies from BH with its fab magenta, orange and pink interior.! Again, thanks of sharing... :)

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  32. Thank You Allison, I like Photos and Clip.
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  33. Great photos, I really miss the 70s, it was truly a fun time.

  34. It was a tagger named Vex from WCA who burned down the movie theater at Pan Pacific Park. He was a pyromaniac!

  35. What a great trip down memory lane. I was born in LA but lived through the 60's and 70's in Long Beach. My Grandparents lived in West Hollywood and I have lots of fond memories staying there with them and experience a lot of what you have shared here. My dad was a beer truck driver for Budweiser and I would go to work with him in the Summers and work his routes through Sunset Strip, Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. What a great time to be in LA. Thanks again.

  36. Thanks for reminding me of the lovely times I had at Kiddy Park when I was a kid! I hadn't thought of it in decades. Awesome!

  37. I’m elated that at least they brought the Clifton’s back in downtown L.A! It was my favorite place to go to with my Grandmother!

  38. This is an incredibly comprehensive nostalgia trip. Shout-out to the long-gone Hunter's Bookstore at Rodeo and Little Sam. Worked there as a stock clerk in high school in the early '80s.

  39. This is just great, Allison. Thank you.

  40. I started driving in 1962 and lived in Los Feliz. There wasn't much to do east of Los Feliz, (Glendale and Pasadena) had nothing going on. We often went to the west side both before I was old enough to drive, my parents would take my older sister and me to almost all of the places listed above. We had relatives living on the west side in the 50s and 60s. When I was older hung out at most of the places on the strip and certainly the Beverly Center and Westwood down onto Rodeo Road. In Jr high, it was Wallacks Music City at Sunset and Vine in the 50s taking 45s into the listening booths

  41. thanks for all the photos; great stuff! I remember the roller disco place as La Cienega Lanes, which had a sign that said "automatic pin-spotters"!

  42. Thank you Allison for the wonderful pictures. We lived there from 1966 t0 1999. We had an Indian Art Gallery on No. Beverly Dr. for our last 10 years there before we moved to Santa Fe. Our favorite restaurants were gone by then. Scandia, Le Dome, RJ's, The Rangoon Racket Club on little SM Blvd.,
    It was really a great nostalgic trip to cruise thru those places you posted.

  43. Can't Thank you enough! My neighbor was Mrs. Orr who owned Orr Stationary on Rodeo. All us girls bought clothes from the Riding Shop . We ran into Soupy Sales and his sons at Toy Mart and spent countless hours in Newberrys. And so loved Nate n Al's. My sister worked at Thriftys and she got to know the clientele well. And Charo looks the same as when I saw her in the early 70's at Bullocks Century City.

  44. Just found this site and while I arrived in LA in 82 this is still a fun trip down memory lane. Thanks for posting this as well as your little tidbits of fun and fact!

  45. I was looking up genie land because I swear I saw the building listed as Bob Barker's marionette studio on NCIS LA episode and recognized the back room. This site brings back so many memories of growing up in LA in the Disco era.

  46. What has been at jacobos since it closed

    1. I don't remember what was there immediately after, but now it's Alfred coffee.

  47. Great collection of photos...I guess you missed the REALLY cool times drinking from the lemonade tree at Uncle Bernie's Toy Store (on Rodeo, when the bridle trail still ran down the middle of the street from Sunset to Wilshire...and the heavy whipped cream atop sundaes at Blum's (corner Wilshire/Beverly) and the massive koi (goldfish!) in the giant ponds at the park on Santa Monica between Beverly and Crescent (where we fished for crawdads and took the occasional "swim")...Gunther's Drug Store (corner of Canon/Little Santa Monica) where after-school Coke & Fries were de rigeur...when parking lots were free, there were no parking meters anywhere, we rode our bikes (remember Hans Orht?) everywhere and never owned a bike lock...then "growing up" to play .45s all day/night at in the "record booths" at Wallich's Music City, sneaking into The Beverly Theater through the back door for the Saturday matinee of "Man with the Golden Arm," jumping backyard fences up and down the Roxbury-Camden-Rodeo alleyways to swim in every single pool in the block before being caught by the cops who then gave us a ride home and never mentioned a word to our parents...
    Do NOT get me started about the best childhood imaginable...
    I could go on...the best childhood imaginable.

    1. Jack Granger PalmtagSeptember 3, 2021 at 4:27 PM

      Thank you Thank you oh Son of Minka ! Uncle Bernie's !! I couldn't remember the name, and my parents are gone,so can't ask them "what was the name of that toy store in downtown BH where you used to take me?" And none of my friends believe me that there used to be a big tree in the middle that dispensed lemonade. Uncle Bernie's ! I can still remember which parts of the store to go to for my favorite things, and to hint to my grand parents what to get me next birthday. I believe you about best childhood imaginable.

  48. I remember everything you wrote and more, like it was yesterday, miss it all

  49. So many wonderful memories. Scandia's; date night for my parents. Bullocks Tea Room and so many other places that meant so much. Thank you!

  50. I SO loved this site - thank you for posting it and the captions! Do you by any chance remember a children's clothing store in the then brand new Century City shopping mall? I remember it being themed kind of like the hobbit. My grandmother bought me the COOLEST shoes I ever owned as a kid there - Brown leather, square toe and the strap was double wide.

  51. I was born in Cheviot Hills in 63 and lived way up Doheny off of Sunset until 3 or 4 when we moved down to 309 S. Maple Dr, I went to the little pre school that used to be across the street from Beverly Vista and then BV until 6th grade, I then went to private school up in Ojai and Connecticut (my Mom bought an apt in NYC and we kept the BH home too), I came back home in the 80s and then moved to Westwood in 82, I came back to Beverly Hills in 87 and lived on Rexford (with Tina of Tina Cassaday Creations which was on little Santa Monica in BH, now her salon is on Beverly Dr) and worked at Pixie Town until 91, so this blog pretty much covers a great portion of my life, thanks for all these great memories, please keep adding

  52. Wow, wow, WOW! I remember most of the places! Thanks for sharing.

  53. Thank you, Alison, for bringing back so many memories of my teenage years...

  54. I've been living in l.a. since late '96, but I have a question
    about a whirlwind visit I made in the mid 80's. Do you remember
    a cool Italian restaurant that was located in an old theatre? The place was packed,
    and people were eating, not just waiting for their cocaine to be delivered.

  55. What a great look back at Los Angeles. Thanks for putting this together. I moved to L.A. in 1975 and worked at the Record Plant on Third Street. Such a great time.

  56. omg! Thank you SO MUCH for posting all of these amazing photos. The reason I found you is because I was driving with my 33 year old daughter down La Cienega Blvd. today and we passed Trashy Lingerie on the corner across what used to be Jean's West. I told her I worked there before it became Trashy Lingerie and it used to be Bazaar CM. Unfortunately, I have searched for Bazaar CM and cannot find ANYTHING about it! I remember it was owned by two Asian women...maybe sister fashion designers?? I know we supplied wardrobe for Barbra Streisand for The Way We Were and for some other famous women in movies. I was only 17 or 18 at the time, but I'm sad I could not find anything about it. Do you remember that boutique?! If so, please let me know! I absolutely loved all of your pics, especially since I worked in Century City and always went to the movies in Westwood. I saw The Exorcist there the night it opened!! I would love to know if you remember Bazaar CM or any info on the two women who owned it! Thank you!! ~Martha

  57. Wonderful Memories Alison! Thank YOU! So my favotites of the olden days , in addition to these, were Stratton's Bar and Grill in Westwood (they always handed you a $2 Bill to cover your parking below!!); Madame Wu's; I forget the name of the lovely Italian place on Bev Glen in the Bev Glen Village (Charlton Heston was there often); Trumps at Robertson and Melrose and a lovely restaurant on Bev Glen, a little south of the Bev Glen Village, a house converted into a restaurant and John Dori fish was always available there!

  58. Great pictures! Brings back great memories. In the 70s, my father had a denim clothing store on Beverly Drive called Jag. During lunch he would take me to the Brown Derby.

  59. Hi: I love this. I've lived in Laurel Canyon since 1973 and I've seen much of what you've been describing. I have a question - in the 1980s, there was an Indian restaurant on Sunset Blvd., which was somewhere around Fairfax or around there.

    Might you know what it was called?
    Thanks so much,

  60. Wow your dad was Johnny Fontaine!

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  62. Wow! What great pictures of my old haunts back in the 70s. My parents use to take me to a lot of those places. My favorite was the hamburgers at Hamburger Hamlet. I really miss WestWorld arcade in Westwood Village. Behind the patio area they had a pizza joint that was amazing. I remember that Farris Wheel. The Mann National is where I waited in line all day to see The Empire Strikes Back at it's opening. It was a huge theater. The Mann Bruin and Mann Fox right down the street from WestWorld. Those kind of theaters can never be duplicated today.

  63. My, my, my...what a trip down memory lane! In '79 I was an intern at Billboard Magazine smack dive in the middle of all of this. LaScala's was next door and Hamburger Hamlet was just up the strip. In the 70's I attended UCLA and Westwood was our stomping ground for pizza and movies. Fatburger's served the best chili-cheese hamburgers and Bob's Big Boy sold the best Coke's. While at Billboard I met Dolly Parton, Tina Turner, Smokey Robinson and K.C. of the Sunshine Band! Disco 9000 and later Osko's were all the rage (both on Sunset) and LaCienega and Melrose was my stomping ground for the latest disco fashion and more! The 70s and early 80's were definitely my glory years. Thank you for these precious memories. Great documentary!!❤️

  64. Wishing times and things were the way they used to be 😥

  65. OMG, Wil Wright's, my first ever job with a paycheck. The little macaroons in their cute little paper envelopes... and real ice cream - the cream stuck to the roof of your mouth, until they switched to Foremost. And all the rest of it ... thx ❤️

  66. Hi and Thank You I lived in Hollywood from 72 to 77. You have provided a vey wonderful look back at the best time of my life!!! Thank You! I should never have left. I still lived a good life. Thank You!

  67. Allison:
    Thank you so much for this trip down memory lane! This is the LA of my youth too and I cannot believe all the wonderful photos and memorabilia you have! We also called out remote “the clicker” and later “the flicker jammer” - it just sounded right to our early adolescent ears! This is just awesome 👏🏻 thank you again!!! Spent many a Sunday @Canter’s on Fairfax with my family and later hung out @ The Melting Pot, The Source, Ship’s for late night coffee toast (the toasters we’re on the table) and all night chattering. It goes on and on….

    All the best to you!

  68. Great collection of photos ! Chip Brent BHHS '76


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