The Pan Pacific Auditorium.

The Pan Pacific Auditorium

The Pan-Pacific Auditorium was built by Clifford W. Henderson and his brother Phillip in the Fairfax District at 7600 West Beverly Boulevard. It stood on the southeast corner of Beverly and Fairfax Avenue and the Farmers Market on the northeast corner of Third Street and Fairfax. It was one of the most exquisite buildings in Los Angeles famous for it's steam line architecture. Elvis Presley played this beautiful art deco marvel as well as housing largest Ice the Skating rink in the world. The venue also held the Ice Capades and world yearly car shows each year introducing the latest models. Even Elvis Presley Played here during the height of his career.The Auditorium was built in 1935, designed by Plummer, Wurderman and Becket. The building was demolished in 1992 after a 1989 fire.

The Pan Pacific closed in 1974 and sadly decayed over the years until mysteriously burning down in 1989. I remember the days roller skating all over the property always hoping to get a chance to see the inside. 


I watched it's demise alongside thousands of other Angelinos from a short distance go up in flames. LA never recovered after losing this gem. But you can see a recreation of it at Disney's California Adventure theme park. It is also preserved on Celluloid in the Film Xanadu.

        Scene from Xanadu filmed at The Pan Pacific...

                      A very sad day in Los Angeles

Today you can see a recreation of the Pan Pacific as the ticket office at Disney's California Adventures.


  1. I love these looks back at history! Thank you for your hard work!


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