The Whiskey A Go Go

Elmer Valentine and Philip Tanzini opened the first LA first disco, The Whisky-A-Go-Go on Sunset Boulevard. Johnny Rivers was the house band until the explosion of psychedelic Rock. The club became a popular meeting place for record-industry executives, girls dancing in cages and bands, including the Doors and Love, The Birds, and Otis Redding who got their start here. The Whisky a Go Go was a nondescript former bank building at the northwest corner of Sunset Boulevard and Clark Street in West Hollywood before it became a musical legend in the 1960s. 


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  2. I'm digging your page a lot. Some more lost history here from a long-gone America. :(

    Are you planning to include Ciro's here sometime?



  3. That one newspaper ad you have here is not from the Whisky in Hollywood - it's for the Whisky on Sacto Street in San Francisco - there were Whisky's in lots of cities - Denver, Chicago, more than 1 in NYC, this one in SF, Atlanta, etc - they opened a ton of them once the Hollywood one caught on so well. Sure you just missed the street is not Sunset on the ad.


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