Edelweiss Chocolates

I just adore the window display at Edelweiss Chocolates in Beverly Hills - especially around the holidays. This charming little chocolate factory has been in business in the same location since 1942. Those are the original Art Deco glass blocks on both sides making it one one of the very last vintage store facades left in the neighborhood - and one of the oldest confectionaries in America that still process its chocolates by hand. Frank Sinatra's favorite were the Maple Creams and Lauren Bacall and Katherine Hepburn's were the Chocolate Turtles (also a favorite of my father's). Many think this is where that famous Lucy episode was filmed, but it WAS where Lucy got the idea for the episode since she used to enter through the back door. In 1996, agent Marty Ingles purchased the entire store for wife, actress Shirley Jones. She sold it in 2004 to current owner, Madlin Zahir. If you get there early enough she might give you a tour. In fact once of my earliest 'Vintage LA' memories was seeing fresh chocolate coming down the conveyor belt on a grade school field trip. I think this was the first place I ever tried gummy bears and Coke bottles. Until this day Edelweiss sells 85 different kinds of chocolates and dozens of unique candy. That's seriously enough to impress to Willy Wonka!

Shirley Jones on Press Day at Edelweiss with her publicist, Edward Lozzi. Marty bought the store for Shirley Jones for Valentine’s day.

Photo courtesy of Edward Lozzi.

Many think this is where that famous Lucy episode was filmed, it wasn’t (it was actually filmed at See’s Candy in Culver City) – but Edelweiss WAS where Lucy got the idea for the episode since she’d always entered through the back door and walked past by the machines.

Alison Martino is a writer, television producer, and pop culture historian. She founded the Facebook pageVintage Los Angeles in 2010. Alison muses on L.A’s. past and present on Twitter and Instagram.



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    1. Sorry but there was no enrober at Mrs Young Candy Round up when Lucy visited. The episode was filmed in 52. The enrober was installed in the 80"s by Herman the original owner of Edelweiss


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