Remember when Westwood Village was so crowed on weekends, they had to close off cars from entering to handle the overflow? 

It was a SCENE! 

Some of my favorite spots were Postermat, Westworld Arcade, Wherehouse Records, Insanity, Dillon’s, Alice’s Restaurant, Stratton's, Ship’s, Mario's, Stan's Donuts & Tower Records. The street fair and patio alcove was a weekend ritual. They sold everything from crystals to incense. And can you believe we actually went to see MOVIES in Westwood? Lines around the block. And let’s not forget about Bullock’s Department Store for back to school clothes and all the Hare Krishna’s! 

A business card from POSTERMAT


I spent more time there than school..waaayyy more time. 
One of my favorite places as a kid. 
Tempest and Galaga took all my change. 


Dillon's Nightclub



I loved going to Mario’s Italian Restaurant before seeing a film. ✨🍕🎬

TOWER RECORDS in Westwood was three stories 

The patio was a total mob scene. I used to go every weekend and buy cool stuff from the street merchants: sunglasses, crystals, incense, I even got custom made sandals in the shop that was called Village Body Shop. It was the last vestige of hippie handcrafts in Los Angeles.  I remember a mood ring I wore forever until the stone fell out. 

 I would record songs in the recording place with my best friends. It was karaoke before karaoke. And you got to take home the cassette tape of you singing to the song of your choice.  

The Patio today

I also miss the Hamburger Hamlet which was next door to 
the Postermat. Below is a clip of Richard Gere walking past it 
in "American Gigolo"

Movie Theatres

Movie goes waiting to see a movie at the BRUIN THEATRE

"Easy Rider" at the FOX

I was too young to see "The Exorcist" at the MANN NATIONAL, but I have heard the stories of movie goers passing out. 

Newsreel Footage of audience reactions after viewing the Exorcist at the Mann National in Westwood Village in 1973. 


Godfather Part II at the Bruin Theatre
Photo: Jim Berstein 

"Phantom Of the Paradise" playing at the MANN NATIONAL

World premiere of "A Star Is Born" at the FOX VILLAGE, 1978

"Krush Grove" at the MANN NATIONAL

Interior staircase of the Mann National. The only motion picture theater where you had to go upstairs to the auditorium. It had a seating capacity for 12 hundred.  A bug mid century chandelier hung from the ceiling and a massive mirror was in front. This interior can be seen in the movie The Zodiac with Robert Downey Jr. 

I remember seeing Caddyshack, Raiders Of the Lost Ark, Brainstorm, Beverly Hills Cop and Ghostbusters here to name a few. 


The MANN NATIONAL was demolished in 2007. Thankfully its forever preserved on celluloid in the film ZODIAC

"Star Wars" at the Avco on Wilshire Blvd

"Flashdance" at the BRUIN THEATRE

"Down and Out In Beverly Hills" at the Bruin

"Nightmare On Elm Street 3" at the MANN REGENT

Ticket stub for Dirty Dancing at the MANN NATIONAL
Photo: Carey McCormick

Photo Bill Koegler

Inside the historic Fox Village 

Bullock's Department Store

Today the old BULLOCK'S building is a RALPHS & BEST BUY

Stores, Boutiques & Eateries 

"A Change Of Hobbit"
"The Wine Cellar West" 1970's
Photo: Bobby Cole

"Macho's" Mexican Restaurant
Photo: Bobby Cole

"Alice's Restaurant"
Photo: Bobby Cole

"Mario's" Italian Restaurant



Millers Outpost across the way

Alandale's on Westwood Blvd - 1972

Affordable Portables

Inside Old World Restaurant Westwood Village - 1984 

Westwood Comedy Store (between Massachusetts and Ohio
"Rhino Records" wasn't in the village, but south of Wilshire Blvd not far from the "All American Burger" 

"McDonald's" was a busy as the movie theatres. 
It was two stories from what I remember
Photo: Jim Berstein 1973

Laurie Kaye shares: My best friend and I worked at McDonald’s in the Village - lasted for a few months at $1.65 an hour...the best part was cool customers like Barbara Bain and Martin Landau...the worst part was when a manager had a mental breakdown and started unwrapping burgers and throwing them at the wall! Quit shortly after...

Columbo episode inside Hunter's Books 

Monty's Westwood. (after redesign)
Awesome nights there!!

In the 1980s, Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys had an office in Westwood. Back when the entire city was area code 213


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