The Luau Beverly Hills

Back in the 1950s and 1960s, many of the finest restaurants in Los Angeles were located on "Restaurant Row" on La Cienega.   Along Sunset Boulevard, fabled lights of the "Strip" showcased the many glamorous nightclubs and restaurants. But, Beverly Hills offered something very different: an outstanding theme restaurant called The Luau

The Luau opened in 1953 on Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills. It was owned by Lana Turner's husband, Steven Crane and it was a popular celebrity hangout. throughout the 50’s, 60’s and 70s.

Years of research and planning went into building The Luau. There’s a reason it became one of the nation's most intriguing dining palaces. Located at 421 Rodeo Drive, this tropical, Polynesian wonder was breathtaking and beautiful. The menu offered a diversification of the finest in Polynesian and American cuisine and patrons had a choice of dining styles ranging from Polynesian and Cantonese to all-American

I celebrated my first birthday here in 1972.  I loved their Polynesian coconut Birthday cake with volcanic candles...what fun

I went every year after that until they closed in 1980 to build the Rodeo Collection. My favorite feature was the bridge and moat leading to the front door.

I also loved their giant Tiki Gods and oversized. Polynesian wicker Chairs

The Luau also had a fabulous gift shop that sold Polynesian imports off the lobby. Several years ago I was fortunate enough to purchase one of the original tiki oil lamps from a Beverly Hills resident who had a birthday there and somehow ended up with one as a “souvenir”. 

This 1959 Magazine "Movie Screen Year Book" featured a celebrity section called HollywoodTeens shown below. Caption read: "Judy Harriet does the Hulu, While Annette Funicello and Roberta Shore sip pineapple punch at the Luau in Beverly Hills. To judge by the expressions there may have been more then just pineapple in the punch. Roberta Shore, who is a Mormon, keeps the straw away from her lips." Yea sure

The Luau Property and parking consisted of several lots, all owned by the Weatherby Family Trust. They acquired the property in 1938, and sold for the building of the Rodeo Collection, when the last Weatherby daughter passed away. 


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