Chasen's Chili is Back!

Chasen's legendary chili is back at Bristol Farms in West Hollywood! And VINTAGE LOS ANGELES  made it happen!

Vintage Los Angeles: The Hidden Remains of Chasen’s Restaurant

Turns out not everything from Chasen's—the Beverly Boulevard hangout of Frank Sinatra, Cary Grant, and Clark Gable—has been lost for good. PLUS: How to score a hot serving of Chasen's original chili!

Chasen's Chili is now available ALL year round available at Bristol Farms in West Hollywood!! This originally was one week offer, but thanks to high demand  it is now attainable 7 days a week at the food counter! You can also devour it in one of the 7 original Chasen's booths located in the back of the market! Now that's the closest thing to a time machine that I can think of!

Courtesy of Bristol Farms Beverly West, Los Angeles Magazine and Vintage Los Angeles!

These are original booths from the legendary Chasen's restaurant! They are located at Bristol Farms Beverly West and were preserved by the market when Chasen's closed. There's 6 original booths. 

No better place to devour that Chasen's Chili! 

Alison Martino is a writer, television producer and personality, and L.A. pop culture historian. She founded the Facebook page Vintage Los Angeles in 2010. In addition to CityThink and VLA, Martino muses on L.A’s. past and present on Twitter and Instagram and on her website,

Alison is also currently a columnist for Los Angeles Magazine.


  1. I'll have to go one of these days -- with luck, I'll be in one of the booths where Clark and Carole took Hitch for dinner...


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