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Located at the messy intersection of La Cienega Boulevard, San Vicente Boulevard and Burton Way, the Fish Shanty was known to Los Angeles residents as "that place where you walk in through the whale's mouth." If you did, you got pretty good seafood served to you by friendly waitresses who seemed to have been there forever. We miss the cuisine and we miss entering via the whale's jaws and feeling, just for the moment, like Pinocchio.

A screen grab from the 1966 film "The Loved One"

Today this new apartment building has taken its place built by Rick Caruso

Too bad they didn't at least rebuilt the whale's mouth as the entrance to the Trader Joes that is located as the main entrance  - not seen in this rendering...

SUNSET STRIP VIDEOS taken in the 1960s.

Guarenteed to blow your mind. Take a ride down Sunset Strip in 1964. Do you recognize anything? Do the Largo club and Villa Nova look familiar? I bet they do because today they are better known as The Roxy and the Rainbow. But they still looked incredble and colorful in 1964. Now headed the opposite direction in the evening.

That was just the tip of the ice berg. Below are incredible gems I discovered years back on a project I was producing. Sunset Blvd in 1967! I believe this footage was shot for the MOD SQAUD. Gorgeous colorful day time shots of Dino's Lodge, The Plush Pup, The Sea Witch, Belinda Boutique, The Jay Ward Shop, the Fifth Estate coffee shop, Lyn Savings, and Padora's box to just name a few in this mind bending footage. I discovered this footage from a footage house called, PRODUCERS LIBRARY many years ago. I highly recommend checking them out for any projects that relate to this time.
Sunset driving east from Holloway to Crecsent Heights