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The Sheik's House in Beverly Hills

This garish mansion was the infamous ‘Sheik’s House’. Once located at 9561 Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills, it had gained international notoriety for its tacky facade. Back in 1978, Saudi Arabian Sheik Mohammad Al-Fassi and his new wife, Sheikha Ibtissm were the owners of this 38 room mansion built in 1917. It was originally a stately Italian residence built by Beverly Hills co-founder, Max Whittier. It was once such a pristine and classy home until the young Sheik had the statues on the front veranda painted in flesh tones that included fuzzy pubic hair on their genitals! When it rained, servants covered the statues with raincoats to preserve their obnoxious paint jobs! Inside he had poster-sized blow-ups made from cheap pulp porn mags hanging in his powder rooms; drugged-out “hippie chicks” with glazed eyes doing “beaver shots”. Also included were giant clam-shell telephones, toilet seats with coins in them, a red bordello pool room which featured a satin ceiling with 1,100 pleats…

Dining in Los Angeles in 1971 by George Christy

Dining out 
If celebrity watching is your thing... Los Angeles Magazine Article by George Christy, Jan, 1971 Archived by Alison Martino
You could wait an hour for a booth, and then again you might not, depending on what the action is at "Matteo's"  which is probably the chummiest star hang out in Lotusland ( as they used to call it before unemployment set in)... but even the wait can be amusing, because,  seated at the jazzy bar or on the love seat in the cozy for foyer-library  where the lighted toy trains race above you on slim wall ledges,  you'll see practically everyone,  if you or your guests are in the mood for a celeb-sighting. And you'll be even more amused as you watch the celebrities ordering, fussing, sending food back, carrying on outrageously at some stars do. 
"Zsa Zsa's the toughest", admits the very amiable Jimmy, Basque-born and one of owner Matty's cracker-jack captains. "She likes the baked Ziti with ricotta cheese, and she…