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KPCC Radio interview on "Take Two with Alex Cohen"

Thank you Alex Cohen and KPCC and NPR for having me on the air with you once again speaking about Vintage Los Angeles. It was a pleasure and an honor to discuss Vintage Christmas in Los Angeles! To listen click here: Take Two with Alex Cohen
Here's some VLA pics of Christmas during the 1940s to get you in the mood....

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Interview on KPCC

Going back in time with Vintage LA's Alison Martino
I was thrilled to recently be interviewed by Alex Cohen on KPCC  - NPR Radio on December 3rd with Alex Cohen. Of course discussing my favorite subject - In the words of Ralph Story, Things that aren't here anymore..

Give a listen. You might remember some of the places I mentioned!
KPCC interview with Alison Martino

Vintage Los Angeles makes the Huffington Post again!

Vintage Los Angeles Makes The Huffington Post again! Thank you VLA members for sharing your retro Holiday photos with us and the rest of the world!

Above is a photo of my dad, Al, my mother Judi and me in 1971
Below are the photos that made the article - just click on the link

Vintage LA Holiday Photos: Alison Martino Invites Facebook Community To Celebrate Retro Christmas

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The Islander on La Cienega

385 North La Cienega

Going to the Islander was like going to Polynesian Tiki Heaven.

Iremember  that spectacular torch-flanked entrance and bridge that lead you into this theme restaurant.  

 In the 80s it was tragically transformed into an Acapulco Restaurant and was demolished in the summer of 2012. 

The Pan Pacific Auditorium.

The Pan Pacific Auditorium

The Pan-Pacific Auditorium was built by Clifford W. Henderson and his brother Phillip in the Fairfax District at 7600 West Beverly Boulevard. It stood on the southeast corner of Beverly and Fairfax Avenue and the Farmers Market on the northeast corner of Third Street and Fairfax. It was one of the most exquisite buildings in Los Angeles famous for it's steam line architecture. Elvis Presley played this beautiful art deco marvel as well as housing largest Ice the Skating rink in the world. The venue also held the Ice Capades and world yearly car shows each year introducing the latest models. Even Elvis Presley Played here during the height of his career.The Auditorium was built in 1935, designed by Plummer, Wurderman and Becket. The building was demolished in 1992 after a 1989 fire.

The Pan Pacific closed in 1974 and sadly decayed over the years until mysteriously burning down in 1989. I remember the days roller skating all over the property always hopin…

OSKO'S nightclub located at 333 South La Cienega.

Osko's: The holy grail of the disco clubs in Los Angeles.

This futuristic 60s design looked like very reminiscent of the LAX Theme building or the Ticket office at POP looked almost like a space ship had landed at the Intersection of La Cienega and San Vicente. 
This was the club used in the movie "Thank God It's Friday". That place was so much fun. The dancing, the beautiful people, the energy!!!! I remember dancing here during it's final days in the late 90s when it became a rock club. And now, like everything else, it's a discount high- end Loehman's department store. Cheap.... we need the high life again!

OSKO'S on La Cienega.The OKSO'S building was many incarnations before. First starting with The Gas Light in 1963

And then The Millionaires Club in 1965. This time they added drapes to the claw. enormous chandelier that was visible from the street, that would brightly announce the Millionaires Club.

Then 1520 AD in the mid 1960s - back to its ori…