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Beverly Hills Library - demolished

This article was published for Los Angeles Magazine on April 20, 2015 - by Alison Martino

Remembering Beverly Hills’ MCM's Public Library The midcentury oasis for reading was replaced more than 25 years ago

Did you know that the old Beverly Hills Library built in 1965 was designed to appear as a row of colorful books on a shelf?

If I could go back in time and return a single L.A. building to its former state, I would pick the old Beverly Hills Public Library. I sat happily with other children on the floor of its screening room, listening to the impeccably tailored Suzanne Pleshette read Hansel and Gretel in the late 1970s. A unique light reflected off the library’s colorful glass fa├žade and through its windows, bathing the interior in a magical radiance. My love of reading still reminds me of that glow. The Beverly Hills Public Library opened on October 10, 1963. It’s designer, Martin Stern, was making his mark as a major Las Vegas architect at the time and working with developer Del…