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The Cock n' Bull on Sunset Strip

The Cock n' Bull in 1974. The CR prefix stood for CRestview.

This beloved "Vintage Los Angeles" tavern located at Sunset and Doheny was not only popular with the neighborhood locals, but also with 'Old Hollywood' entertainers like John Barrymore, Bette Davis, Orson Welles, John Carradine, Sal Mineo, Peter O'Toole, Jack Webb (who had his own table and lived across the street from Sierra Towers) and Richard Burton who actually changed tables every time he changed wives. It was home base for Oliver Reed, who would salute the Queen of England after a few. Anyone that didn't salute, he'd holler, "GET OUT!"  Dean Martin used to go there quite often (since his own restaurant was within walking distance) and around Christmas time he would write the entire staff each a check for $200.00, from the busboys on up! In Shelly Winter's autobiography she mentions going to the Cock n' Bull the day Germany fell and Hitler was dead. Previously, she had …

Remembering Tower Records

The Legendary Past and Celluloid Future of Tower Records on the Sunset Strip   By Alison Martino
Photo: Robert Landau
It’s impossible not to think of Tower Records when referring to the Sunset Strip. It’s even more impossible to accept that the beloved store once located at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Horn Avenue is no longer in business.

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakersđź’”signing autographs at Tower Records in Los Angeles, 1976
I recently had dinner with a friend not too far from the old Tower location. As we were paying our bill, we discussed what we should do next. I joked that we should walk down to Tower Records and browse through rows and rows of LPs and cassettes, then head across the street to Tower Video to rent the latest release (most likely on VHS). I wish it wasn’t just a fantasy. You see, Tower Records was more then just a record store, It was a musical rite of passage. It’s where kids graduated to die-hard music fans. I spent my very first allowance money on Blon…