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Nancy Sintra interview with Alison Martino

Nancy Sinatra Talks About “These Boots Are Made for Walkin"on it's 50th anniversary. 

The hit song that inspired a generation of women to “start walkin’” 
turns 50 Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots are Made For Walkin’” was a ’60s sensation. (If by some inexplicable misfortune you’ve never seen the video, stop everything and check out this amazing artifact of era-capturing grooviness right now.) The song was destined for glory: Everything about it was hip, fromWrecking Crewmember Chuck Berghofer’s opening bass line, to Sinatra’s tough, eat-my-dust delivery, to the iconic cover featuring the singer in red leather boots and a fetching miniskirt. If you didn’t own a pair of go-go boots before the song was released, you rushed out to buy a pair soon after. Sinatra showed the world that a woman could have serious swagger, and the Technicolor beauties dancing the Frug in the background were all too ready to follow in her footsteps—as was a whole generation of independent women. The song s…

La Scala Beverly Hills turns 60

La Scala Celebrates 60 years on April 1, 2016
La Scala celebrates its 60th anniversary this April.  This old-school legendary institution is not only popular with celebs, but with neighborhood locals and tourists. I have ordering La Scala’s most famous invention, the chopped salad, since the 1970s. I sub out the salami and cheese and add in tomatoes, onions, and extra garbanzo beans. The fried mozzarella was always on the table when I was a kid. Now I love the classic Bolognese.
La Scala is a classic Italian eatery located in the heart of Beverly Hills that feels like a private club. The restaurant doesn’t take reservations for lunch because they just don’t need to. It’s packed six days a week and everyone wants to sit in one of those big red leather booths. Pictures of show biz celebrities from its entire 60-year history hang on the front wall. Suzanne Pleshette, Natalie Wood,  Judy Garland, Warren Betty, Robert Wagner, Judy Garland and Barbara Rush are some of the celebs that hang ov…