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Bullwinkle Statue fully restored!

By Alison Martino

On September 24, 1961, a gigantic revolving sculpture featuring the cartoon stars Rocky and Bullwinkle was erected at 8218 W. Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, directly across the street from a revolving statue of a cowgirl promoting the Sahara Casino Hotel in Las Vegas. 

The Rocky and Bullwinkle statue was created by TV producer Jay Ward and placed in front of Jay Ward Animation Studios to poke fun at the showgirl on the other side of the street. 

She lasted 10 years, but Rocky and Bullwinke stayed put much longer—until 2013—long after Ward’s studio shut down their offices and closed the Dudley Do Right Emporium just east of the statue.  

The Dudley Do Right Emporium shop just east of Jay Ward studios.  The boutique would sell Jay Ward memorabilia including original cells and Jay Ward cartoon memorabilia.
(today this is Pinch’s Taco’s)
Photo courtesy of Robert Stone 11
Over five decades, the statue became a symbol of the Sunset Strip. What else woul…