Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Islander on La Cienega

385 North La Cienega

Going to the Islander was like going to Polynesian Tiki Heaven. 

I remember  that spectacular torch-flanked entrance and bridge that lead you into this theme restaurant.  

 In the 80s it was tragically transformed into an Acapulco Restaurant and was demolished in the summer of 2012. 

Today the enormous property is under construction to make way for a new  five-story plus mezzanine, 125-unit multi-family apartment building.  


  1. How long it was there? Was it in any movies? Cause I have a serious sense of deja vu looking at the pictures.

  2. I have never seen it in anything major. But it was located on the west side of the street between Melrose and Beverly Bvd. I've seen exteriors of it in "The Rockford Files" and in the 1969 fim, "The Model Shop".

  3. Okay. Do you know about when it was torn down? The sign at least is very familiar to me. So if it was torn down after I was born (in 76) there's a chance I saw it as a child. Otherwise, I had to have seen it in The Rockford Files.

  4. It was drastically changed when Acapulco restaurant took it over in the 80s...the structure was just recently demolished in Jan...

  5. Too bad it was torn down; the restaurant looks very homey and fun with that Hawaii island style. Would be cool to have that still around today.

  6. My husband, at the time, would take me to dinner and drinks in the early 70s' Lots of wonderful romantic memories. I would love to see more images of what this place looked like and maybe a menu. Thank for the memories.

    1. I have some memorabilia from the Islander including an old menu. It was owned by relatives.
      Contact me and I'll send you a copy.

  7. We went there after prom, which was held at the Ambassador, which isn't there anymore either. That was in '72. They sure showed a couple of dressed up kids a good time! Draped up with fresh flower leis and dessert on the house. How well I remember the little bridge to the door...