Largo on Sunset Strip

Club LARGO opened on Sunset Strip by Chuck Landis. A burlesque club that featured comedians and the most exotic girls in filmland. Before it was Largo it had been the Westside Market and Hazen's market. Today it is better known as THE ROXY. Next door to Largo was the Villa Nova which became the Rainbow Bar and Grill. The structure is still the same. See my entry for the Villa Nova for more info.

Table / Postcard Pop Up Flyer for Largo

Back in the day this building was called the Westside Market. Today it's the world famous
Roxy. As you can see the building is very much the same.

LARGO was filmed for the movie, "Marlowe". Here is the clip...

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  1. I was hired as a stripper at Largo. The man who was to hire me told me I needed to audition and gave me an address in the San Fernando valley...his home. He greeted me wearing blue silk pajamas (it was early in the afternoon). I passed the audition and he and another man were planning my routines, my costumes, etc., and then they found out I was 16 years old and tossed me out.

  2. I used to go there in the late sixties and early seventies, and it was great. Those really were "the days".

  3. I valet parked cars there in 1959-60. I remember that all the cars were Tbirds and that sort, different from the ones I parked at Chases and The Beverly Hills Club - Rolls Royces, Limo's, etc.......

  4. I worked as a Cocktail Waitress at THE LARGO, cica 1960-1961..This was when MISS BEVERLY HILLS (Beverly Powell)headlined! Her "amore" at the time was George Peppard, he would come in, sit quietly alone, order 6 Kahlua on the rocks, and wait for her...........He was so gorgeous,,,,so was she

    1. Did you know Diane Lewis and/or Kim Summers at the Body Shop. We hung out together. Please contact: - Thanks Bob

    2. I just watched Breakfast at Tiffanys and Beverly Hills played a stripper in a scene with George peppard and Audrey. I wonder did George first meet her on this movie or did he maybe help her get the part?

    3. No, Chuck Landis owner of the Largo, and my manager, got me the job on "Breakfast at Tiffanys'. George Peppard was very nice but it was Audrey Hepburn whom I remained friends with over the years. :-).


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