The Dudley Doo Right Emporium

Behind the Bee Gees billboard was the Jay Ward Productions studio and the DudleyDo-RightEmporium owned by cartoonist, Jay Ward. The emporium offered cartoon memorabilia filled with toys, stuffed animals, trinkets, hats, t-shirts, wristwatches, original animation cels, cartoon scripts, recordings of TV themes, and assorted souvenirs, all bearing the likenesses of Bullwinkle Rocky,George of the Jungle, Super Chicken, and the other famous, wacky creations of Jay Ward Studios. 

When I was born, my mother decorated my bedroom with Jay Ward cells and posters. Super mom!  This was a postcard Jay would hand you after a purchase...

Before the Dudley Doo Right Emporium it was the PLUSH PUP. A hot dog and burger stand.

Today the structure is still with us and is currently "Pinch's Tacos".  It's sitting on prime real estate on the strip and hope it survives another 50 years!

The Doors had the first Rock n Roll billboard on the strip in 1967. Here's the band on top of the billboard. The Plush Pup can be seen down below...

Tragically the famous Rocky and Bullwinkle statue in front of Jay Ward Production on Sunset near Havenhurst were crane lifted off the street and by a mystery snatcher and they have never been seen in over a year. :(

Story unfolded on Vintage Los Angeles. Read my Los Angeles Magazine article here

UPDATE! The Moose is no longer loose! Rocky and Bullwinkle are back on the Sunset Strip! They have been fully restored and located at Sunset & Holloway. 




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