Mosiac Tiles in LAX Airport

When I think of the LAX airport, I think of these mosaic walls that are miraculously still standing! These groovy walls were constructed in 1965 for TWA. Now Delta and Alaska airlines is the home to these historic walls. I just rediscovered them when I returned back from Seattle this year. I was over welmed by the instant childhood memories they brought back. I hope they stand tall for years to come. You can catch the colorful mid century walls in all their glory in the Lee Marvin movie, POINT BLANK, and in the opening sequence of JACKIE BROWN.

Coming home from Alaska not too long ago I was lucky enough to shoot some of the wall. I waited until everyone was gone. It was sort or erie.


  1. Oh Alison thank you I loved this so far I also was born and raised in Hollywood (East Hollywood) I have LA history pics I'D LOVE TO SHARE WITH YOU

  2. My dad installed the tile during his apprenticeship. Thank you for posting the photos.


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