The Mayfair in Century City

Before Gelson's in Century City, there was the Mayfair Market. It became Gelson's in the 70's. I remember getting lost and hiding from my mom in the produce section. It looked just like this from what I remember. I also made it a ritual to run down this ramp from Cliftons cafe down to the market. Once my mom said she thought someone kidnapped me running up that ramp. I was only playing. Sorry mom. A classic googie, mid century market. So happy to find these pix. :)

Of course it looks noting like this now, but the market is still located in the mall in the same place. You can see how it looked in technicolor in the Watler Matthau movie, "The Guide For The Married Man." A great movie for LA history including scenes shot in the original Century City Mall and Kiddieland / Beverly Park (which is now the dreadful Beverly Center).

now this song is in my head....


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