The Party Soundtrack by Henry Mancini

Henry Mancini is one of my favorite composers. One of my favorite soundtracks all all time is from 'The Party" with Peter Sellers. I saw it on the Z cannel back in the day and was totally blown away my the visuals and the music. I remember paying 100 dollars for the LP at the very over priced record store (remember record stores) on Melrose called, "Records." That was their actual phone number. One of my favorite moments was meeting Henry Mancini at Pavarotti's Birthday party many years ago. I rushed home to get the record and he signed it.He didn't remember the melody to the movie and I hummed it for him. Surreal indeed. He was such a class act. Birdie Num Num!


  1. Any idea where I could get a copy of this album?

  2. Help! Do you know the name of the song at 23:40?? I can't find it!!

    Thank you! Art, Peace, Love & Understanding!

  3. If you are looking for the LP or the CD, ebay would be the best way- since we don't have record stores anymore. LOL


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